Citizenship Ireland – Everything you need to know!

There are many benefits associated with obtaining Citizenship in Ireland and there are equally many reasons a person may wish to seek Citizenship. These immigration processes can take some time, being prepared gives you the best chance of receiving a positive result.

Am I eligible to become a Citizen of Ireland?

Here are a couple of eligibility factors;
A person with 60 months lawful Reckonable Residency in the State
If you are living on the island of Ireland for three years or more and married to an
Irish citizen for three years or more
If you are of Irish descent or have Irish associations
You must be over 18 years old or if under 18 you are married
Meet relevant requirements for residency
Are of good character
Will attend a Citizenship ceremony and make a declaration of fidelity to the state
The most common type of Citizenship in Ireland application is one based on 5 years of
“Reckonable Residence” in Ireland, having Reckonable Residence in general terms is having a stamp 1, stamp 3, or stamp 4 permission to be in Ireland. When persons having 5 years on any of these stamps or a combination of these stamps that allows a person to apply under the “5-year rule” (subject to other factors).

If a person is married to an Irish Citizen and has resided with Reckonable
Residence in Ireland for 3 years or more that person may also be eligible to apply.

A question we often get asked is whether a Stamp 2 student permission counts towards an individual’s 5 years in terms of Reckonable residence. The simple answer is No, it does not count.

Being thorough in preparing the paperwork for a Citizenship application is of great importance.

As part of every application, we prepare a detailed cover letter to go with all documentation. This cover letter outlines an applicant’s history in Ireland and explains why we feel they are worthy applicants for Irish Citizenship.

That cover letter is also used to explain any answers on the application form that need further explanation and background context. Everyone’s situation is different, and therefore every application is different.

As part of every application, we hold an initial consultation with our clients to go through their background and of course, to advise firstly whether we feel they are indeed eligible to make an application for Irish Citizenship.

Following that consultation, we issue our clients with a letter of advice on their situation which includes a list of documents that they must then prepare and provide to us to enable us to start putting their application together.

We stay in touch with the client throughout the process and work with our client to provide all follow-up information and documentation required by the Citizenship office.

We appreciate how important this application is for a person and we are very much “Right by their side” throughout the process.

When a person’s application is successful we will receive a letter notifying us that the Minister for Justice has decided to grant their application. At that point, we assist a person in sending the relevant paperwork to arrange for their “Citizenship Ceremony”.

After that, it is a case of waiting for your date and enjoying the day of celebration.

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