Family Reunification – Immigration Law

At Joyce & Co Solicitors we have had the privilege of successfully applying to bring family members to Ireland to join their family member or members who may already live here and have a life here. This process is called family reunification.

Within any family reunification application, there really is a lot to consider prior to making an application and there are a lot of documents to gather also to ensure that the application is a complete one.

Every family situation is different, At Joyce & Co Solicitors we encourage clients to firstly make an appointment for a consultation with one of our Immigration Law specialists. During that consultation, a clients unique situation will be discussed and assessed in detail and advice will be given based on those unique circumstances.

At Joyce & Co Solicitors, we believe that the key is in the detail when making these applications.

A key document which must be considered when making an application for family reunification is the Policy Document on Non-EEA Family Reunification. A link to that document is provided below for your convenience. In making applications of this nature Joyce & Co Solicitors discuss these guiding criteria with clients and refer in detail to the criteria when formulating an application for family reunification.

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