House Purchasing – Supply & Demand!

With the rise in demand for house purchasing, Joyce & Co solicitors created our Free Property Consultations initiative to give a helping hand to those on the hunt right now.

At first, we offered this incentive for just a couple of weeks back in 2020 however we have decided that now more than ever people need a helping hand. Like many others, we thought that house purchasing would slow with the current pandemic but many studies have shown that it is still growing and on the rise which means that house pricing in some instances is too.

The Irish Independent reported that due to supply and demand issues house prices are set to rise by 4% in the year 2021 showing no slowdown of these increases. This means that now is the right time to make the move if you are in the market.

Many ask, but what if the housing market crashes? Unlike previous times particularly in Cork, the demand for houses is at an all-time high, the reality is to put it simply there are not enough houses to go around plus a shortage of new developments. For many first-time buyers, the value of receiving up to 30,000 as a tax rebate towards the deposit of your home is a considerable benefit in purchasing your new home but due to this being applicable to primarily new builds* (see full t&cs here) it means that the demands on new build properties will continue to rise, they simply cannot be built quickly enough to satisfy the demand.

During our complimentary consultation, it gives you the chance to speak with one of our expert conveyance solicitors where you can ask questions, gain answers to queries and receive all the information you need to secure your new home.

To book your consultation please email, call our office on 021) 427 0391, send us a message on our social media, or click to view our contact page.