Our principal solicitor talks about the new road map for Irelands come back after coronavirus:

Our principal solicitor talks about the new road map for Irelands come back after corona virus:

Since our Taoiseach’s announcement on Friday last we have taken some time to reflect on points made and our nations new road map as a way out of this pandemic. Overall we found Leo’s announcement somewhat encouraging as we now have some date milestones and projections as a nation to follow. Having some sense of an ending is encouraging from both a business and social point of view.

At Joyce & Co we have been very lucky to continue our business as an essential service while working remotely, but like others we as a company have also had to make some changes to how we operate. We have had little to no physical meetings with clients. We have operated through phone call’s, emails and through video conferencing to continue our business through this crisis and have aimed to continue delivering the same level of customer service as always. What are our views of this new normal? Take a look below at some key points of interest we wish to discuss.

From a business owner’s point of view one of the main concerns we have is how to maintain the safety of our employees as well as our clients as we begin to roll back into normality. We believe it is necessary for clearer guidelines to be set out by our government relating to sanitation, social distancing measures and standard practices we need to adhere to. From communicating with colleagues and business owners in other industries it appears that this is a concern shared by many who want to ensure they are adhering to these necessary standards. The thoughts of an expert in the area who could perhaps advise on tailored approaches for each individual business to take would be a welcome development.

We hope to continue some measures we have introduced until we have a vaccination in place, and perhaps even after the pandemic has left our lives. One of these in particular is the use of video conferencing calls to meet with clients and talk about issues relating to their legal services needs. Of course, in some cases contract signing will always be necessary. However, we believe this can be done in the safest way possible whilst continuing social distancing measures. We would encourage all those who can to continue the use of these new ways of communicating where possible until we can be sure we are safe from the spread of Covid-19.

Financial supports such as the Wage Subsidy Scheme and the Enterprise Support Scheme have been great initiatives made by our government to help businesses stay afloat and to keep that essential link between employers and employees while businesses remain in somewhat partial hibernation. While hindsight will no doubt provide a clear lens down the tracks, our government’s week to week decision-making in how they have managed the challenges of this pandemic has been proactive. Their communication has to the nation has also been detailed and transparent.

Supporting Local is something we believe everyone should be participating in once restrictions begin to roll backwards and it is something we will be doing, especially with our neighbors on Washington Street and around Cork City Centre.

Our economy has suffered and will continue to suffer for the coming months; but forecasts suggest we there is a road back which is something to be positive about.

With a roadmap in place it allows for businesses like ours to now plan ahead. We wish all other businesses the very best in these challenging times. We welcome the sharing of ideas in what is a time where innovative thinking has really come to the forefront and will ultimately dictate survival and future successes for many. We have tried things ourselves during the past few weeks to keep the fire burning. Some initiatives have worked well while some haven’t had the same traction. We will continue our efforts to provide our customers with a high level of service. Stay in touch. Pull together. Support one another.