Saving Tips for First Time Buyers

If you are a first-time buyer set on becoming a homeowner within the next two years then here are 8 proven ways to help you save.

Saving Tips for First Time Buyers: We touch on all areas from the obvious to the not so obvious home truths which will make a huge difference in your overall savings – starting today!

At Joyce & Co Solicitors one of our main focuses is to help First Time Buyers secure their first home. We have over 20 years’ experience and a very approachable team to deal with.

Okay, lets get to it.


The first step way in which you can start saving for your mortgage is to spend less and pay off any outstanding debt where possible! We know this one sounds like a no brainer but debt is a saver’s worst nightmare as interest charges can be an unnecessary expense. As a rule of thumb for this situation its best to start with the highest interest loan and work backwards


The key to becoming a saving pro is to set up Standing orders, they will automatically transfer money from your regular account to your savings account without you having to move a finger. This guarantees a set amount to save every week or month which prevents you from overspending and eating into your savings. You decide on the amount saved – reach out to your bank or credit union and start saving!


If you need a little help with tracking your savings, there are some really great savings apps available to help keep you on track. Life happens – sometimes we have one off expenses such as birthdays, weddings, etc. A finance app on your phone will keep track so you don’t have to.


Gone are the days where we had no choice in our service providers. Nowadays there are many ways to save by simply switching electricity provider for example.

A great website to use is They report that the average household could save up to €410 per year by switching providers.

And, as they say, every little helps.  Similarly, by switching tv or broadband provider you can save some extra dough.


We are all guilty of it – Wasting food means you may as well be throwing money in the bin. It goes without saying that being conscious of expiry dates is important. Less expired food in the bin over the course of a year equals savings. Every euro counts when saving for your new home.


We have all been there – you get invited to go for dinner with your friends or maybe for a couple of drinks. You have no plans and really want to go but there is no special occasion and no real reason to go but to satisfy your FOMO.

We are not suggesting you refuse every time and become withdrawn from your friends or social gatherings but we do suggest being smart when choosing what to spend your money on or how frequently you succumb to your FOMO


We know it’s the dreaded move no-one wants to make but moving back in with your folks can be the best way to save large sums of money. Rent nowadays can be extremely expensive and is money you could be saving towards your mortgage.

Of course, this option may not be possible for everyone, but for those who can do this count yourselves lucky!


Saving takes time – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Saving correctly over time will make your new home even better. knowing that you sacrificed and worked towards this achievement is the greatest satisfaction you will ever feel. At Joyce & Co Solicitors we have a dedicated team of solicitors who are ready to help make your dream of owning your home a reality

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House Purchasing – Supply & Demand!

With the rise in demand for house purchasing, Joyce & Co solicitors created our Free Property Consultations initiative to give a helping hand to those on the hunt right now.

At first, we offered this incentive for just a couple of weeks back in 2020 however we have decided that now more than ever people need a helping hand. Like many others, we thought that house purchasing would slow with the current pandemic but many studies have shown that it is still growing and on the rise which means that house pricing in some instances is too.

The Irish Independent reported that due to supply and demand issues house prices are set to rise by 4% in the year 2021 showing no slowdown of these increases. This means that now is the right time to make the move if you are in the market.

Many ask, but what if the housing market crashes? Unlike previous times particularly in Cork, the demand for houses is at an all-time high, the reality is to put it simply there are not enough houses to go around plus a shortage of new developments. For many first-time buyers, the value of receiving up to 30,000 as a tax rebate towards the deposit of your home is a considerable benefit in purchasing your new home but due to this being applicable to primarily new builds* (see full t&cs here) it means that the demands on new build properties will continue to rise, they simply cannot be built quickly enough to satisfy the demand.

During our complimentary consultation, it gives you the chance to speak with one of our expert conveyance solicitors where you can ask questions, gain answers to queries and receive all the information you need to secure your new home.

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